Post Match

9 Apr

The post match experience is always an interesting and unique one, as well as so is MATCH day for those that have not matched. It is a great big disappointment ( at least it was for me). I personally think it was a big reality shocker. I have always dreamed of doing a residency, even before my professional years at pharmacy school. So when I got that e-mail, it was a big reality shock for me. I was very disappointed in myself. However, this all gave me motivation and confidence in participating in the post scramble process.

The post scramble process was more stressful with rules not so clear and defined. I am sure this is because it was the first year that they had this thing called gentlemen’s agreement. Where programs that were participating in the post scramble would not give out offers until April 1st. This gave students and programs a chance to look at all the qualifying candidates peacefully and give all the candidates a fair chance for each of the programs. I will be honest, I think that I was being picky the first time I am applying and I would tell all students that are applying, that they should take their chances and apply to as many programs as they desire because you never know what will happen. But since I had this second chance, I decided that they sky was the limit I would apply to as many different programs as I saw fit to my desires in a residency. I think I applied to a good amount of programs and I guess in the end it did pay off. But the week after match was strenuous for me. I got only 2 phone interviews :/ and the rest rejections. And the first phone interview I got, man oh man was I super nervous and totally felt I messed up the interview. And I was right because after that interview come Monday, I did get another denial email. However I had another interview a couple of days after my first one that I  messed up. I told myself that this is my last opportunity (not sure if it would have been or  not but I just had to prepare myself). I had my second phone interview and what could go wrong went wrong! The telephone number that they gave me was not working on my cell phone. I was already about 5 minutes past the interview time and panicking. I emailed the HR rep that originally contacted me. She was out of the office. So then I started looking at all the information I had and if I could find an email address for the director. I finally found it and emailed her saying how I didn’t forget but had some technological issues. I then used google phone to call and basically had an interview through my computer! Thank you google phone 🙂 But they understood the situation and we talked for awhile. It was nice! I was very nervous that this could be held against me because it looked unprofessional, but at this point all I could really do is hope. So about a week later I got a phone call and email from the program, which by the way was a manage care program. And they wanted me to come for an on-site interview. I was really shocked that they would make me do this, but hey they were offering to fly me out so why not? I was super nervous because I had to give a presentation. I only had to give a presentation at one other place. I went, and gave my presentation. They would ask questions throughout the presentation verses afterwards. This was different for me and made me realized that I need to make sure I knew my key points. I did and they liked me 🙂 After that I had 2- 1 hour interviews. They were both were great. I didn’t really feel like I was in an interview, more like just in a meeting talking to several different people who were getting to know me. It was great now that I think about it. But so at the end I got to talk to the HR lady who was awesome. She went through all the benefits with me and then I got the BEST NEWS EVER!  She told me right away that they loved me and want me to be the next resident. I was in total shock! My heart was racing it was a great feeling. I felt so accomplished and got my direction back!!!!! I didn’t say yes right away because I wanted to discuss it with my parents and significant other. They were all extremely proud of me and it felt great. I now know what I will be doing after college! Woot Woot!

So for those that don’t MATCH in the futre…scramble especially if you really want to do a residency. It is worth it 🙂


Indian Wedding

2 Apr

This past weekend I went to my friend’s wedding in Chicago. It was simply beautiful! The one thing I love about Indian weddings is that it’s always  ends up being a week long festivity with family! Usually more often than not, Indian weddings are usually a 4-5 events within in about 4 days. They don’t have a typical rehearal dinner and such as you would normally think about. Just many events to celebrate the upcoming events and getting together with close family and friends. One night is the henna party, where the bride puts on her henna as well as the females of the family and close friends. I have heard that it takes about 3 hours for the bride to put on her henna on her arms to her elbows, and her feet to have way to her knees. It’s crazy, what if you have to go the bathroom? I don’t know what I am going to do when it is my turn :/ Then there is another night of dancing and singing. It is usually either the night or two nights before the wedding. It is a lot of fun I would have to say and a good get together with everyone before the wedding day. Then there is a traditional religious ceremony that happens which is a separate event for the bride and groom. They say that after this ritual happens, you are not suppose to see the bride or groom! But in this day and time that rarely happens.  Then it’s the wedding and reception, some people do the wedding and straight after the receptions, others like to have a few hours in between! But i would have to say tha tout of all these vents my least favorite would have to be the wedding ceremony. I am very happy for the couple and glad they are finally going to be husband and wife, but I have seen in many weddings that is that many people tend to talk throughout the ceremony making it a big distraction for the couple that is getting married. It is very annoying and painful when you have to frequently go SHHHH! But I guess it happens when you have many people at these events. Oh and that’s another thing these events are usually BIG or at least that’s what I like to think. I still have a blast during them and it’s a great time catching up with old family friends. I feel like it’s hard because we are normally so busy on a day to day bases, but at weddings we get to see each other for a couple of days and catch up on life! I really hope that you all one day get to witness an Indian wedding! They are fun, festive, amazing decorations and color, and a lot of work but well worth it 🙂

New rotation!

27 Mar

This week was the first week of my last rotation ever! It is my hardest rotation yet or at least should be. I am at the VA again and now more on the inpatient side. I absolutely am loving my first two days there. I have so far just worked up one patient who most likely has aspiration pneumonia or TB. The likely hood of him having TB doesn’t seem possible due to his symptoms and such, but it’s always a good precaution and nice work up.  My preceptor is pretty awesome and super knowledgeable about infectious disease.  Ever since learning about ID in therapeutics class, I have come to enjoy it. Kind of sad that pharmaceutical companies are not investing more time in it. But I am really excited to see some crazy things! Or at least I hope to. It will definitely be a unique experience.  I am also hoping this well help me start studying for boards! I am very nervous about those to. Imagine working so hard for six years for this one moment. CRAZY!

Book of Mormons

25 Mar

Last week was spring break, my last official school break. Yes I know how many more times can I mention that.  But thinking about it, it is a big DEAL. I am one step closer to the grown up world. Scary thought and finding a job is super stressful. But last week while on break,  I did do a few fun things! I was able to go watch the musical, Book of Mormons, it was very funny and worth watching. I would recommend it to everyone 🙂 It’s about religion and I think the best advice I could give to anyone is that they should be open minded when they go watch it. This is because they do make fun of all the different religions. If you like musicals, I would totally suggest this. 

This was also just a fun thing to do on a random Thursday night in Chicago. Our seats were amazing and we got lucky because we didn’t really pay to much for them. We got to sit in the balcony so we had an angle view, but I really think we were up close to the stage though! There are also many restaurants around the theatre to enjoy before the show. We went to a place called Elephant Castle and was a pub that would remind you of something you see in London. They even had fish and chips ( I am not sure what it’s exactly called!). I think this break went by super quickly and now only 5 weeks until I am done with rotations and 6 weeks until I am done with STLCOP! Lucky for me this is my hardest rotation yet! Good thing I saved the best for last 🙂 but I really excited because I will be learning more about ID and I really enjoy ID! Or at least whatever I learned during my therapeutics class. Let’s hope I remember it all! And I also think it’s a good way to start studying for boards! 

Chicago Adventures

20 Mar

I am currently on spring break right now and it is my LAST official break for school before graduation. I believe I have about 47 days until I graduate! And I still remember one day during labor day weekend that my friend and I were walking down the street to STLCOP and we could that the next 6 years of our life would go by quickly and we would be out of here before we know it! I have to say that it is pretty true. I mean I know there are times when it would go by slowly or what felt like it going slowly, but now looking at the big picture…It’s all too fast! I have been home since December, and now returning back to STL for my last rotation is very bitter-sweet 🙂 Yesterday, I went to this placed called the Avairy. This place was very classy I would say and we have some amazing drinks. It was very interesting how they created these drinks and the time that went into the preparations. The one drink I got called the Cranberry was amazing, and came in this circle clear thing (sorry I don’t know the exact name of it) and you pour a little at a time to get a different taste while your drinking. This is because the longer the drink is in the clear circle thing, it is getting infused with fruits and other things to make it taste better. It was a very delicious drink I would have to say 🙂 I am glad I got to try it out. After that we went to the OFFICE which is usually by invite only and allow I would say about 10-20 people at a time. It is a a speak-easy type of environment. I really enjoyed my time there and I felt like I was in New York for some reason. I would recommend going here for anyone that is in Chicago.




15 Mar

Last day is tomorrow! Well last day of my eighth rotation and then ONLY one more to go! Woot! Woot! I really enjoyed this rotation. It was working at Catamaran which is the fourth largest PBM in the nation. They recently have expanded which is super exciting. I learned about during this rotation such as creating policy criteria for clients and creating new drug monographs. I felt like during this time I learned a lot about the different specialty drugs out on the market. During my other rotations I didn’t really pay attention to the new drugs that were in the pipeline or coming out to the market. It was a great opportunity to discover new drugs and learn about what their indications are and even creating policies for the patient population could receive them. I think one of the best parts of working at a PBM is definitely is the free lunches when drug reps come to the office 🙂 Always a plus I feel learning about drugs and this time listening to the representatives convince us why there drug should be included on the formularies.  I thought I would miss patient care during this time but I really didn’t I had fun and didn’t mind being on the computer at all. I think it’s because I knew that the work I was doing was making a big difference to a large population rather then making a difference individual. I chose the pathway of being a pharmacist to help make a difference in people’s lives, and I am glad that I am doing this before I start working! Starting next week is my last break before heading out to be a real world grown up! Super excited and super nervous…only 1 day and 1 week away from finding out about MATCH…so stressful. It really determines what my future will be like. Will I scramble? Right now i am not sure about it; but I have also heard that many people end up being placed in residency by scrambling. I think at that point I am going to ask do I really want to do this? I do want to do residency and I think it will be very beneficial but this is a crazy process. 

On the bright side one day until spring break and then 7 weeks until graduation! 

Less than 2 months until graduation

7 Mar

It’s less than two months until graduation and I am done done done! I don’t know what the future has in store for me, but I welcome the unexpected surprise with open arms. This last rotation is going by super quickly. I can’t believe that I am already in my fourth week. I am currently at a PBM pharmacy working with clinical pharmacists to create policies and PA criteria for our clients. I definitely enjoy using my clinical skills to help patients receive their medications, and make sure their being compliment with their medications. In addition, I like creating new drug monographs for the special drugs out there as well as all the new drugs that are coming out. I honestly, feel like there are more speciality drugs coming to the market recently. I wasn’t really aware of all the drugs coming until this rotation. I think this is because I am actually learning about these drugs and reading the PI.  I really enjoy working on different things everyday. I thought I would miss my patient care interactions but I realize that I am helping a whole group of people rather than individually helping them.  I am going to be sad to be done with this rotation.